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I wish I can put in words the huge impact that you and your team have made on Simon. I really don't know what you have done but is amazing to see how all of the sudden my son started to believe in himself. A boy whose capacity was always underestimated is now showing his great potential but most importantly he looks happier. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for believing in my son. With my greatest gratitude. Gloria

The Anstee Bridge Programme


Young people who are struggling to engage with education are referred to the Anstee Bridge Programme by their school. They attend one day a week, remaining at school for the other four days.


The programme is designed to provide strategies to help young people cope with daily pressures and school life more effectively including:


  • Building resilience
  • Improving mental health
  • Enhancing educational success
  • Encouraging social inclusion
  • Enabling anger management
  • Teaching organisational skills


We provide a nurturing environment with clear expectations about their behaviour, attitude, attendance and achievement.

Support for post-16 education, training or apprenticeships

We actively encourage and support young people to be able to continue their education to 18 or beyond.


We facilitate visits to colleges and help them understand what traineeships/apprenticeships could be available.

Preparation for work


We support young people by using creativity to build their confidence and self-esteem.


We teach them emotional literacy, along with practical skills for work including:


  • CV writing
  • Interview techniques
  • Career advice
  • A chance to meet a professional in their chosen career


We provide one to one support to every young person with guidance from local businesses and employers in Kingston.